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i told myself i wouldn't hurt myself anymore, because i am better than that, but what can i do when life keeps going in a cirlce and never goes forwrd?  last year was the worst year of my life and now this year feels the same. 

i read my friend's posts and i hear what they say about me and i read what they say about me on their aim screen. and i know it scares them to know that i am in danger of myself.  i know i'm thinking of suicide and stuff, but what else can i think of when everything else in my life is going wrong.  my school work is fine, but it could be better, my group of friends (i barely know well enough to call friends) and at home i feel so alone i feel like i'm dead and everyone else is out living and i'm in my house dying by the minute.  there's no one to talk to and the one person i want to talk to wont even talk to me themselves.  and when i talk to them they seem to act like my life means nothing to them and that if i died in their lap, they'd roll me off and step on me as they go on with their life...have you ever felt this way?

this would be me wanna see me sad? look below and you're stepping on my face!

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